Datginad i’r wasg a’r ffurflen gais i’r Hybiau Gofal Plant Gweithwyr Allweddol/Press release and application form for the Newport Childcare Hubs

Annwyl Rieni / Warchodwyr,

Atodaf gopi o’r datginad i’r wasg a’r ffurflen gais i’w chwblhau  ar gyfer gwenud cais i’r Hybiau Gofal Plant Gweithwyr Allweddol.

Dyma’r linc i’r wybodaeth ar wefan y Cyngor


Furflen Gais: http://www.newport.gov.uk/en/Schools-Education/Childcare-for-prioritised-key-workers.aspx

Dear Parents / Guardians,

Attached is a copy of the press release and application form to be completed to make an application for the Newport Childcare Hubs.

Here is the link for the information on the Council website :-


Application Form: http://www.newport.gov.uk/en/Schools-Education/Childcare-for-prioritised-key-workers.aspx

Mrs Lona Jones-Campbell
(Pennaeth / Head Teacher)

Datganiad y Wasg NCC Press Release

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